Marquee Signs

Illuminate your events with our stunning Marquee Signs collection! Perfect for adding a touch of vintage charm and a splash of personality, our marquee signs are available for rent, making them an ideal choice for weddings, parties, corporate events, and more. Each sign is meticulously crafted with brilliant lights that shine brightly, ensuring your message stands out. Choose from an array of letters, numbers, and symbols to create custom phrases, names, or dates that capture the essence of your celebration. Easy to set up and designed for both indoor and outdoor use, they offer flexibility and convenience for any venue. Whether you want to spell out "LOVE" at a wedding, highlight a milestone birthday, or create an eye-catching company slogan at a corporate event, our marquee signs are the perfect solution. Make your moments memorable and your events unforgettable with the enchanting glow of our Marquee Signs collection. Rent today and let your message shine!

5 FT Marquee - Number 5

5ft Marquee - Number 5“Glowing Elegance: 5ft Marquee Number 5”Illuminate your celebration with our “Glowing Elegan ...

5 FT Marquee - Number 0

5ft Marquee Number 0“Glowing Elegance: 5ft Marquee Number 0”Illuminate your celebration with our “Glowing Elegance ...

5 FT Marquee Number 1

5 FT Marquee Number 1 - White Make a bold statement at your event with our 5 FT Marquee Number 1 in white, availab ...